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We are a small family business and we have been affected by the Corona Virus and the restrictions it places on our ability to provide the standard of service we have always given to our customers.

Stocks of some items may be limited due to problems with the supply of materials. We can only ship to addresses in the UK as we will be using a courier and not Royal Mail.

Thank you for your support and we hope you all remain safe and well at this difficult time.

Established in 1998, we are a U.K. based family business specialising in high quality reusable incontinence pants, incontinence pads and other garments for the discreet management of urinary incontinence and other medical conditions.  By evaluating and selecting the very best products from a range of quality U.K. manufacturers and by manufacturing our own garments, we are able to offer an extensive range of modern and stylish protective pants and other products, which is not available from any other on-line or mail order company in the UK.

To maintain our high quality standards, all of our products are manufactured in Britain and we do not import low-cost products manufactured in China and other low wage economies.

With increasing concerns over the harmful effects of the chemicals used in the manufacture of disposable products, the environmental impact of their disposal and their high cost, our extensive range of products offer alternative solutions for all levels of urinary incontinence (enuresis), bed-wetting (nocturnal enuresis), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), heavy periods and flooding. Our product range includes waterproof pants (sometimes referred to as plastic pants or rubber pants) through to the very latest all-in-one stay-dry garments with integral pads and cotton protective pants with a hidden waterproof membrane.  We use modern fabrics such as cotton and lycra to give a confident, stylish and comfortable fit whilst fully protecting your clothes, bedding  and soft furnishings from embarrassing leaks or stains. On the washing line, in the changing room or with a partner, you will feel confident with the discreet protection these modern incontinence garments provide.  Many of our reusable garments (except plastic pants) are guaranteed by the manufacturers to be machine washable up to 200 times, offering a considerable saving over disposable products.

We are especially pleased to offer some superb products for children that will enable them to wear 'ordinary' underwear to playgroup or school.  No more embarrassing disposable nappies when changing or playing with the other children.  Our terry-towelling pants will also help during toilet training and bedwetting training.  Studies suggest that wearing a disposable nappy (diaper) or pull-up bedwetting pants at night may subconsciously lead the child's brain to feel that they are wearing a nappy, so it's OK to wet and that there is no need to get up and go to the toilet.

Teenage sufferers of incontinence are very poorly supported in the UK.  Most teenagers are usually provided with disposable nappies which are bulky and embarrassingly noisy. You will be pleased to see our discreet range of stylish products on the women's and men's pages, enabling you to enjoy a normal and confident lifestyle, including school trips, holidays and sleep-overs.

Some of our products are being recommended by medical practitioners and carers, for teenage girls and women with mental or physical disabilities, to enable them to cope with menstruation (periods). They may also be helpful for women who suffer from 'flooding' during the menopause.

We always welcome comments from our customers and information about new products from manufacturers.  Please e-mail us with your comments about our product range or this site.