Arizona guide to folding a terry towelling nappy.

Starting with a square, bring opposite corners into the centre until the two sides A & B meet.

Now bring down corner C.

Bring up corner D to provide the required back waist to front waist measurement.

Sizing guide for purchasing our terry towelling nappies.

Our terry towelling nappies are manufactured from cotton so we recommend that customers allow 10% for natural shrinkage, especially if you intend to wash them on a very hot wash or tumble dry them. Due to the fabric weave and like bathroom towels, shrinkage tends to occur more in one direction.

Waist / Hip size

Arizona terry nappy size

Up to 22 Inches 36 x 36 Inches
Up to 32 Inches 42 x 42 Inches
Up to 42 Inches 48 x 48 Inches
Up to 52 Inches 54 x 54 Inches
Up to 57 Inches 60 x 60 Inches

The kite fold is highly effective for older children, teenagers and adults providing 4 layers of towelling at the front and 3 layers at the back.  An alternative is to use a smaller sized nappy without folding it and insert a 36 inch nappy folded 4 times to form a 36 x 9 inch soaker pad.   This can be secured inside the outer nappy using safety pins.